Welcome Fall

The crisp breeze of fall finds its way through the newly barren tree branches. Although I dread the long, cold winter weather ahead of me, I find something innately comforting in the coolness of the air that surrounds me and the crunching sounds coming from the fallen leaves beneath my feet. Fall means sweaters, campfires, tailgating, and a glorious string of holidays that doesn’t stop until the new year. As much as I shudder at the thought of the cold temperatures that will ride on the wings of the late autumn wind, I do fully embrace fall and all it entails. For me, the essence of fall is all things family. People clear their busy schedules and travel great distances to gather together with friends and family for football games, Thanksgiving dinners, and holiday parties. Life speeds up over the holidays, yet people make time to stop and visit and talk and laugh and get caught up on the happenings of this  journey called life.

My love affair with fall is evident throughout the house. I try to have every nook and cranny radiate the warmth of the inviting nature of fall. Having an open floor plan creates its own challenges since the seasonal decor must flow from one room to the next. The dining room table, which is one of the first things seen when coming into the house, is the perfect spot for a bountiful centerpiece. One of the many challenges in our house is to create tablescapes that are cat friendly. As much as I would like to believe that our two furry friends would never get on the dining room table, I know better than that. I, also, know they have an affinity for flowers – silk or real, it does not matter.  Any floral arrangement will be dismantled and scattered throughout the house. In an attempt to keep the season harmonious for all involved, I opted to go with pumpkins and a variety of squash from Michael’s spread across the table. Everything is unbreakable and, hopefully, will stay on the table and not be bounced around like a giant ball.


Fall Centerpiece

Fall Dining Room Centerpiece


I love fireplaces. They seem to say “Sit down and stay a while”; no words needed. I, also, am particularly fond of a roomy mantle. It’s like having a store display window in your house — an always changing focal point for the seasons.  This year’s display includes finds from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, as well as some treasures from the past such as the doily and the hurricane lamps.

Fall Fireplace

Having a centerpiece on the dinette table always makes mealtime special. As much as I would love to have fresh flowers on the table, my two furry friends again make that impossible, so I do the next best thing and compromise. The fall displace has just a few silk flowers peaking over the oversized vase, enough to make me happy, but, so far, not enough to tempt the feline duo.

Fall Kitchen Centerpiece

At the end of the day, decorating the house for fall has one goal — making everyone who visits comfortable enough to kick off their shoes and snuggle with a nearby afghan as they nestle in for an afternoon or evening filled with good food, lively conversation and, quite possibly, an engaging movie or a college football game. After all, coming in from the cool outdoors should be as inviting as wrapping up in a favorite oversized sweater on a brisk autumn day.

September 23, 2017