Choosing Your Classic Wardrobe Palette

Your Classic Wardrobe palette consists of neutrals and accent colors. When deciding on a color scheme, think about which ones you naturally gravitate toward or the ones that make you feel good when you wear them. Play around with the colors in your closet, drape them around your shoulders and under your neck; think about how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror. Which colors accentuate your eyes or make your skin tone look healthy?

First, you need to pick your neutral colors as they are the canvas for your wardrobe; your accent colors revolve around them. Common neutrals are Black/Gray, Navy Blue, Brown, Burgundy/Pink, Khaki and Olive Green (not shown).. Your neutrals should not only look good on you, but they should be colors you enjoy wearing, alot. They will show up quite often in what you wear. Remember that the lighter shades of these colors are also neutrals, so consider all the hues (lighter) and tones (darker) of each color. To begin your Classic Wardrobe, pick two neutrals for your base colors.

Inspiration for your Classic Wardrobe palette can come from many places – pinterest boards, fashion and home decor magazines, paintings, etc. Look for pictures that use the colors that look good on you. Note how the neutrals and accent colors play off each other. (Please note that although white is a neutral, I think of it as a freeby since it goes with everything. When I use it in my palette, I do not count it as one of my two neutral choices.)

For example, looking at this winter scene, I see three three neutrals –  brown, charcoal gray and winter white – and the accent colors of green and pink.

Winter Snow

Winter Snow Color Palette


Brown and Green Color Palette

The floral painting is a good example of three neutrals (off-white, olive green, and reddish brown) and several accent colors – two shades of pink, burgundy, yellow, and black.

Floral Painting



Here is one way to use the color palette from the Floral Painting for your wardrobe – burgundy and olive green are the dominant neutrals using yellow and pink as the accent colors.



Burgundy and Olive Green


After choosing your two neutrals, look for inspiration in choosing the accent colors.  Polyvore provides a great cost-free vehicle for playing with color combinations. Have fun and experiment!
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  1. Tricia Murdock

    October 26, 2017

    I think I’m making your blog my homepage. I can make beautiful journal spreads with the same colors, but when I put together an outfit… it well… let’s just say it looks like I let my 6-year-old pick it out or that I tried too hard. Love the color combos!

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