The Return of Spring

It is no secret I am not a fan of winter. The snow is beautiful around the holidays, and I am always sorely disappointed when there are puffs of green grass scattered on the ground rather than mounds of fluffy white snow on Christmas Eve, but that is where my brief love affair with winter ends. As the calendar signals the beginning of a new year, I begin my countdown to March hoping for an early spring.

The weather thus far has been a predictable mixed bag of sunshine and snow, but the geese have ventured back, seemingly unaware they may have left the warmth of the south a little too soon. All their fluttering and splashing about makes spring more a reality, than a wishful fantasy. Snowy days may still dot the March forecast, but spring, like the geese, has begun its long-awaited flight home.


Three’s A Crowd © sharonkay photography 2018


On the Run © sharonkay photography 2018


Rebel Play © sharonkay photography 2018


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