FTC DISCLOSURE REQUIREMENTS. I aim to provide unbiased editorials. However, I wish to disclose that (i) I sometimes receive free products from marketers that we sometimes review or discuss in our editorials, and (ii) I may run advertisements on my site concerning some of those products or companies that sell them (and other products sold by such companies) for which we sometimes receive compensation.

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As a blogger, companies may send me products to review.  I will always disclose if products have been sent to me and will give my real opinion.  I like to keep things positive and as a general rule, will only post positive reviews.  If I have a problem with an item I will contact the company to see if the issue can be made right.  I am interested in reviewing food, books, movies, music, fashion, and beauty related products.  If you or your company would like to send any products for review, please contact me using the form below.

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