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Yeah! I Hired An Editor

I finished my manuscript and am working on the sixth full edit. I know it still needs more work, but it is time for someone else to give it a thorough once over. So, I took a big step hired a professional editor for a developmental/copy edit. I looked on Reedsy and found an editor who had two things I was looking for: she has edited cozy mysteries and has a track record of her edited works being published. It cost me more than I wanted, but if she can help me take my book to the next level, it will be worth it!

When she completes the edit, I will receive:

  1. My manuscript with Track Changes in Microsoft Word, with in-line edits, comments, and suggestions.
  2. A Style Sheet, which includes a chart that tracks character appearance, timeline, location notes, spelling and hyphenation choices, etc., which I use to check for continuity as I edit.
  3. An Editorial Letter discussing story structure; goals, motivation, and conflict; writing clarity and mechanics; and characterizatioon.

My next goal is to finish with my current edit and submit it to her before Christmas. I should receive her edit and note by January 24th. Fingers crossed she doesn’t say, “Have you considered doing something else?” lolz

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