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The Edit

It was with great fear and trepidation that I opened the long-awaited email from Shannon Cave, the developmental editor I had hired through My biggest fear was that she would tell me, “Nice try, but have you thought about doing something else?”

I was beyond delighted that she liked my manuscript! And while she sent me pages and pages (I definitely got my money’s worth) of suggestions for tweaking characters and ramping up the tension, she stressed that my manuscript would be ready to submit by making these changes. Made my day!

Today I have started organizing her notes so I can start the rewriting process. My hope, fingers crossed, is to have this revision done by the end of April. Only time will tell if that is a realistic goal or not, but I’m pumped and ready to find out.

After this rewrite, I plan to have some Beta readers give it a once-over, make corrections, and then send the manuscript to either agents or publishers. That decision is next on my list.

With each passing day, Michelle Kilpatrick, the college student, is getting closer and closer to becoming a full-fledged cozy mystery crime-solving sleuth!

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