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Christmas in May ?

While Book One in the Michelle Kilpatrick Mystery Series, Write Place, Wrong Time is going through the final stages of editing, I have started Book Two — Fit to Die. Set in December 1974, I am listening to Christmas music for the book’s playlist. It does feel a bit strange to be listening to Christmas… Continue reading Christmas in May ?

The Edit

It was with great fear and trepidation that I opened the long-awaited email from Shannon Cave, the developmental editor I had hired through My biggest fear was that she would tell me, “Nice try, but have you thought about doing something else?” I was beyond delighted that she liked my manuscript! And while she… Continue reading The Edit

Off and Reading

Sunday, I emailed my manuscript for WRITE PLACE, WRONG TIME (working title) to my developmental editor. Here’s crossing my fingers she doesn’t tell me not to quit my day job as I don’t have one, lolz. I will hear back from her in about four weeks. While I’m waiting, I’ve started outlining Book Two but… Continue reading Off and Reading

Yeah! I Hired An Editor

I finished my manuscript and am working on the sixth full edit. I know it still needs more work, but it is time for someone else to give it a thorough once over. So, I took a big step hired a professional editor for a developmental/copy edit. I looked on Reedsy and found an editor… Continue reading Yeah! I Hired An Editor


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